Panchkarma Treatment

Before Panchakarma Purva karma treatments are carried out which are

a) Dipan-Pachan
b) Snehan
c) Swedan


a) Dipan – Pachan

Pachanchiktsa is categorized as one among the purvakarma. As this pachanchiktsa involves augmenting the function of agni, this therapeutic measure is refered as Dipan – pachan. In which Intestine is stimulated to digest undigested food material of intestine.

b) SnehanKarma

These are :

i) Abhyantar :

In which medicated oil/ghrut is given internally is also called as snehapan. Inhalation of the smoke through nostrils for the snehana effect ( snaihikadhup) .

ii) Medicated Oil Massage :

* Abhyang :
The word abhyang itself means massage. Application of medicated oil to skin by massage in specific directions is well known as abhyang .
* Lep :
Mere smearing of the oil to a body parts is known as lep. In which medicated oil/ ghrut/powders are applied on body. This is basically applied for some diseases like obstinate skin disease or peripheral vascular disease where performing of massage is impossible .
* Padaghat :
Padaghat is a form of external snehan .Application of Oil all over body followed by special massage, in which feets are used to apply pressure on patients body.
* Padabhang :
LowerPalms massage with medicated oil/ghrut which activate various organs of the bodyis called as padabhang.
* Shirodhara :
By using medicated oils and in few cases medicine extract in aquous medium applied in terms of continuous warm flow on forehead/head aiming emotional relaxation, improvising circulation of blood, curing head ache.
* Shirobasti:
Shirobasti is an important treatment in which medicated oils are used for treatment. It nourishes to all five senses and promote their normal and natural functions. It is used in related to heart and blood circulation, head massage, related lymphatic drainage. It prevent and cure head ache, it prevents hair loss, it helps for sound slip and mental balance.Used in Paralysis & Facial Paralysis.
swedan karma

c) Swedan Karma

1)Pindswed :

Refers to the fomentation of body by using medicated herbs with some special medicated rice and extracts of some roots. It is basically a massage therapy which is highly effective in treatment of deceased which are affecting joints.
Types of Pindswed are
a) Patrapindswed
b) Shashthikshalipindswed
c) Churnapindswed

2)BalukaSwed :

In which sand is used with some Ayurvedicmedicine powder. It is highly effective in skin diseases where oil massage is contraindicated. Also effective in Rheumatic arthritis etc

3) Nadiswed :

Here steam ( Ayurvedic medicines added to water are boiled to generate steam)is allowed to escape through tube fitted to the instrument. This steam is made to fall on the body part which is to be subjects for sudation. Also this is one among the easy method of applying heat to localized parts of the body.


5) KuttiSwed :

Body below the neck inside specially designed steam chamber is called Kutti Swed. By this way warm, medicated, steam reach the areas like skin, axilla, etc. These are areas that are difficult to approach during the different sudation procedures.

Panchakarma treatment

Panch means - Five(Pach) and Karma means -Vidhi
Those are as follows :-


Vaman is unique procedure of eliminating various dosh/problems from the body through oral route by way of inducing vomiting. The forcible expulsion of undigested kaph and pitta through upper root by using medicated aquous solution, medicated ghee etc. is known as Vaman.and is beneficial in various diseases.

2) Virechan

Evacuation of the fecal matter and other accumulated dosh in the lower gastrointestinal tract through anal route are known as virechan. There are three types of Virechan- Mridu, Madiya and TikshnaVirchan. In this procedure fecal matter formed state and unformed state is liquefied and then expelled out by use of Ayurvedic herbs, medicines. It is also called as shodhan therapy and is very useful for treating various chronic and current diseases of the body.

3) Basti

The administration of the liquid medicines through the rectal, urethral/vaginal route is collectively called as basti. In general basti refer the administration of medicine through rectal route. The administration of medicine through urethral/vaginal route is called uttarbasti.Basti is the best shodhan procedure. It is found to be the most useful procedure, as it is useful in maximum number of diseases.

a) AnuvasanBasti/Snehan Basti

SneehanBasti, MatraBasti and AnuvasanBasti are three types of snehanbasti.

b) Niruha Basti

Administration of Basti consisting of herbal aquousformulations, medicated oils etc. is known as niruhabasti.For this enima cans are used.This is the shodhan therapy of the body.


Administration of medicines through nasal route is known as nasya. As this is the nearest route.The diseases related to head, lungs, mouth, nose, can be easily treated by this procedure. Depending upon the composition of the herbs used&action, the nasya is further classified in different types, like Navananasya, Avapidnasya, Dhmapananasya, Dhumanasya etc. And is very useful for various diseases related to head, neck, teeth, face, mouth, etc.

5) Raktamokshana

The surgical procedure of allowing blood to bleed for therapeutic purpose under supervision of Doctor is known as Raktamokshan. In general raktamokshan is useful in both either healthy or diseased person. Raktamokshan is affective in various diseases.
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